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Castable Wax Resin Overview

Printed on an SLA 3D printer, Castable Wax Resin captures precise details, and is perfect for making jewelry. A great material for investment casting, the Castable Wax Resin burns out cleanly without ash or residue being left behind.

Castable Wax Resin is the best choice when printing for the purpose of casting in metals. It allows for easy, inexpensive jewelry prototyping.


Investment casting
Jewelry making
Metal prototyping

Build Volumes

145 × 145 × 185 mm (5.7 × 5.7 × 7.3in)



Lead Times

❮ No Rush - 5 business days
❯ Standard- 3 business days
❯❯ Rush - 2 business days (No Support Removal)
❮❮ Extended - 7 business days

Quality (Microns)

This number determines how thin each layer is. The smaller the micron count, the thinner the layer, this results in higher surface detail and better surface finishes.


⭐⭐⭐ Detail Quality - 50 microns
⭐⭐⭐⭐ High Detail Quality - 25 microns


Material prints as-is, no color options available. Material is naturally dull gray in color.

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Pro's of Castable Wax Resin

When Castable Wax Resin is a perfect material choice
  • For parts that need to be casted in metal
  • Clean burnouts with zero ash content
  • Captures intricate features
  • Provides smooth surfaces

Con's of Castable Wax Resin

When to seek other material options

  • Prints with supports that need to be removed which can add excess material to prints
  • Supports can leave behind small nubs in hard to reach places
  • Low tensile strength
  • No custom color options available

Quick Comparison Chart

Castable Wax Resin Grey Pro Resin Standard Resin
Ultimate Tensile Strength 11.6 MPa 61 MPa 65 MPa
Elongation at Break 13% 13% 6.2%
Price $$$$$ $$$$ $$$
Color Purple Grey Gray, Black, Clear, White. Custom Color upon request
Selling Point ✅ Great for investment casting in metal ✅ Confirm visual & functional prototypes ✅ Confirm visual prototypes