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Elastic Resin Overview

Printed on an SLA 3D printer, Elastic Resin is engineered to simulate silicone at 50A hardness. It is a perfect material for prototypes that will bend, stretch, compress, and hold for repeated use without tearing.

Elastic Resin is great for small quick prints that you need quickly! If you’re not too concerned with surface finish and are looking for a material similar to silicone, this material is for you.


Medical design prototyping
Soft-prototyping for robotics
Special effects models

Build Volumes

145 × 145 × 185 mm (5.7 × 5.7 × 7.3in)

Lead Times

❮ No Rush - 5 business days
❯ Standard- 3 business days
❯❯ Rush - 2 business days (No Support Removal)
❮❮ Extended - 7 business days

Quality (Microns)

This number determines how thin each layer is. The smaller the micron count, the thinner the layer, this results in higher surface detail and better surface finishes.


⭐⭐ Standard Quality - 100 microns
⭐⭐⭐ Detailed Quality - 50 microns


Material prints as-is, no color options available. Material is naturally translucent in color.

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Pro's of Elastic Resin

When Elastic Resin is a perfect material choice
  • It has moderate elasticicity from the elastic materials offered at Makelab
  • Great for prototyping parts that would normally be produced in silicone
  • Can stretch up to 160% of its original shape
  • Decent tensile strength for objects under load

Con's of Elastic Resin

When to seek other material options

  • Supports are hard to remove and can leave behind scarring and nubs. Makes material low precision
  • Not compatible with skin contact applications
  • Higher printing costs compared to other elastomers
  • Not great for printing small cavities or holes

Quick Comparison Chart

Soft Elastic Elastic Resin Flexible Resin
Shore Hardness 30A 50A 80A
Elongation at Break 200% 160% 120%
Tear Strength 3.7kN/m 19.1kN/m 24kN/m
Ultimate Tensile Strength 0.92 MPa 3.23 MPa 8.9 MPa
Skin Contact Compatibility
Price $$ $$$ $$
Lead Times 7 business days 2-7 business days 2-7 business days
Build Volume 250 x 250 x 500m 145 x 145 x 185mm 145 x 145 x 185mm
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