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Nylon PA 12 Overview

Printed on an HP MJF 3D printer, Nylon PA 12 is a precise, powder-based thermoplastic that produces high-density parts with great longevity. It is an ideal material for complex assemblies, housings, watertight applications, and is resistant to chemicals, oils, and greases.


Fuctional prototyping
Engineering parts
Fit testing
UV resistant
Flame retardant

Build Volumes

380 x 284 x 380 mm (15 x 11.2 x 15 inches)

Lead Times

❮ No Rush - 5 business days
❮❮ Extended - 7 business days

Quality (Microns)

This number determines how thin each layer is. The smaller the micron count, the thinner the layer, this results in higher surface detail and better surface finishes.


⭐⭐ Standard Quality - 80 microns


Choose from black, gray, or white at no additional cost!