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Design Engineering to Help You Build Your 3D Printable Parts

Going from 2D to 3D isn't Always So Simple

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Unsure of where to begin? Start by submitting an inquiry form to connect with us. From there, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss project goals, final part use, workflow, and other project details.


Design Engineering Process

Provide us with your design schematics, technical drawings, reference images, and design requirements to get started. Give feedback on our iterations and we will work to bring your project to life! During this process, nothing proceeds without your approval. You're in the driver's seat and we're the vehicle!


Ready for 3D Printing

At this stage, we've reached the end of the 3D CAD File creation process and we will deliver a 3D printable file so you can start making. And the 3D CAD file is yours to keep!


Makelab - 3D Design Services - Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

We can easily replicate your existing part. Simply bring your part in or mail it to us, and we'll use a mix of 3D scanning and 3D modeling techniques to reverse engineer it. At the end, you'll receive a 3D CAD file version of your part that is ready to print!

Makelab - 3D Design Services - Design for 3D Printing

Design for 3D Printing

Optimizing your file for 3D Printing ensures that your 3D CAD design turns out excellent in whichever material or method you choose. When you are ready to 3D Print it, it is 100% ready to go straight into the printer and production.

Makelab - 3D Design Services - Precision 3D Design

Precision 3D Design

Tolerances, fitting parts, functional parts are all aspects that are considered when precision modeling. We can complete a round of fit-testing to ensure that your final 3D printed part is 100% functional.

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